Jibadiah Hutt
Jibadiah Hutt




Syndicate Industries


Industry (Changelings) Level 5

Job Title

Head of Spring Court/Head of Marketing and P.R.


Won International Marketing Emporium's "Man of the Year" award a record 12 times.

Years of Service


Other Work

Has donated a considerable amount to charity on behalf of Syndicate Industries

Known Associates

Klaus Steiner

Criminal Record

Has been under investigation many times for money crimes such as money laundering but no charges filed.

Jibadiah was taken when he was an infant. His Keeper was a sadistic Star Wars fanatic who wanted to build his own Star Wars universe. So he infused children with Glamour to morph them into the properties of characters to populate the universe. Though this torture lasted for 4 centuaries, when Jibby was able to escape time had not moved on. In terms of his Masque, he has the appearence of an obese business man in a suit. To those who have been Touched, full-grown adult Jibby is a very large creature, boasting a total body-weight of as much as a metric ton. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he is often semi-sedentary, spending his days lounging lazily, and traveling on sleds or palanquins borne by teams of slaves. Most of his bulk rested in his bulging belly and thick, slug-like tail, adding to his impression of bloated corruption.

In fact, his thick, fatty hide hid a powerful musculature, allowing him to move with surprising speed on the single muscular "foot" formed by the base of his tail and belly. his thick, sweaty skin and the heavy layer of fat beneath it served an evolutionary role, maintaining his body temperature. In fact, Jibby's hide was sufficiently thick to take several shots before vital organs were reached, permitting the Hutt ample time to pulverize would-be assassins who came unprepared to deal with such a fleshy obstacle. The slimy coating of sweat and mucus protected him from burns. Jibby's also indigestible, a feature that saved him from being eaten at least 3 seperate times. He is also immune to many otherwise lethal chemicals, and can strike lethal blows with his tail.
Infant Jibadiah Hutt

Jibby as a Child